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How to talk about climate change with climate deniers An official guide by Jane Fonda, Greenpeace USA, and Fire Drill Fridays

Hi, this is Jane Fonda.

I know it’s not easy to listen to the dire warnings coming from climate scientists to then be called a liar, a fraud, or part of a doomsday cult when you tell people the facts. But we must not let that stop us from talking about climate change at every chance we get. If you don’t talk about it, why would you care? And if you don’t care, why would you ever act?

Keep in mind that the deniers are in the minority. 73 percent of Americans believe in climate change. But 42 percent don’t think it will affect them in their lifetimes. In other words, we have an opening to talk, but we need to help people understand the urgency of the crisis. That process starts by having these important conversations.

We must talk about the real-time damage that climate change is doing to the things we care about right now. That’s why Greenpeace and I teamed up to create these rebuttals to common myths about the environment. We wanted to make sure you had the information and resources needed to talk to friends, family, even strangers about climate change.

I hope it helps. You never know whose life you might change.

In solidarity,

Jane Fonda

Use our tool below to learn how to debunk common myths about climate change

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Global warming is happening so fast. Evolution/adaptation is a very lengthy process and the science is clear, if we don’t cut carbon emissions in the next 10 years entire ecosystems will begin to unravel beyond our control. The ecosystem that is likely to feel climate change “first” is the Arctic, and it is happening now.

Although, the sea-level rise is more likely a big end of century impact, in the U.S. it will first happen in the coastal regions where rising sea levels will make those areas uninhabitable and in the Mid and Southwest, desert areas will expand due to rising temperatures and lower precipitation.

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